Fujitsu Scansnap Document Scanner Review

fujitsu scansnap closed For my first review I chose a product that I have in my office and absolutely love!  The Fujitsu ScanSnap Document Scanner is one of my favorite pieces of office equipment.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m a bit of an office supply/equipment junkie.  So of course, I looked at several before I chose Fujitsu.  And I am definitely happy with my choice.

As a side note, you can actually make money with this little beauty.  As a matter of fact, I have done just that.  More on that later.


The document feeder

If you’ve ever used a flatbed scanner you’ll appreciate the ease and speed of the ScanSnap’s automatic document feeder.  No more scanning one side, flipping the page to scan the other.  It automatically detects both sides of the page. If the back of the page is blank, it’ll ignore it. fujitsu scanner 1

Load up 50 sheets of paper, push the one button, and watch it snap thru them at 25 page per minutes in color or monochrome.  It recognizes the paper size automatically so it doesn’t matter if it’s A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Business Card, Post Card, Letter, Legal or Custom Size.

It has an ultrasonic sensor that can recognize if more than one page goes thru at a time. But there is an interactive interface that allows you to bypass intentional double-feed like a receipt taped on an expense report.

It has a built-in, dual-core ‘GI’ image processing engine that offers the speed of a much more expensive high-speed, high-volume scanner thru the use of USB 3.0 support.


The software

The Fujitsu ScanSnap has productivity software for Windows and Mac. The ScanSnap Quick Menu pops up when you scan a page giving you the options of what to do with it.

And oh the options you have! 

  • ScanSnap iX500 comes bundled with searchable PDF creation software which lets you not only  see and print the generated data but you can edit generated PDF files
  • Easily scan and extract information from receipts, and export the data into CSV. Imagine this feature at tax time.
  •  Scan and Organize Business Card Information and you could even send them to Excel, Outlook Express, Salesforce, and other databases
  • Scan photos.  I scanned all of the photos in my parent’s photo albums to create a slideshow for their anniversary.  The detail is incredible.  And now my sisters and I all have copies of these precious memories as well.  Mom saved them to her digital picture frame which continually plays a slideshow of family memories.

·         It generates password and digital ID attached PDF files that are ideal for safeguarding personal information and other confidential information that needs to be protected.

Not to pick on NeatDesk, but I have used one of their scanners as well, and it uses proprietary software to file everything, making it difficult to get the information scanned where you actually need it.  This drives me nuts. 

With the ScanSnap you can send the data to Word, Excel, e-mail, and SharePoint or practically anywhere else you want.  It’s so flexible.



Wireless or USB connectivity

fujitsu wifi 3

With the ScanSnap you can scan to and view across a range of popular cloud services, or wirelessly scan to your PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone, or Android device.

The newly-developed GI processing engine means that users can now wirelessly operate the scanner via their smart device and use the ScanSnap Connect App to create high quality scanned images that can be saved to the device, manipulated, and are easily available when and where you need them.

You have the option to synchronize your scanned documents between ScanSnap Organizer on your computer and the ScanSnap Connect App on your mobile device using Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.



The Fujitsu ScanSnap has a pretty small footprint (15.5 x 10.9 x 9.8 inches).fujitsu scanner 2

It takes up very little space in your office for such a powerful tool.  And because its wireless, it doesn’t have to take up valuable desktop real estate.



Here’s a list of some of my favorite features about the Fujitsu ScanSnap,

  • One button scan
  • Searchable and securable pdfs
  • Multiple output options including jpg
  • Scan to software – word, excel, …
  • Wi-Fi or USB connectivity to a computer
  • Scan Directly to Mobile Devices
  • ScanSnap Cloud
  • Fast Double-Sided Scanning
  • Advanced Paper Feeding System

What’s In The Box

The ScanSnap comes with an AC cable, AC adapter, USB cable (USB 3.0 supported), Safety Precautions, Setup DVD-ROM, and a ScanSnap Carrier Sheet.  So you’re ready to go right off the bat.


Pros & Cons

green checkmarkPros

The ScanSnap feeds the paper thru fast and processes them fast too.  Wi-Fi connectivity and the app make it available for more of your devices.  The software is easy to use and understand.  The scans are good quality and can be searchable and securable.

Red XCons

Pay attention to the default settings when you install the software.  Some of them may not be what you want.  For example, the default for OCR (optical character recognition) is to only process the first page.  Why would you want only the first page searchable?

Photo scanning is fine for online use but you’ll have to use photo editing software to clean up some of the noise if you want them to print crystal clear.


Consumer Ratings

The average consumer rating on Amazon is 4.7 out of 5 stars


Check the current price on Amazon

fujitsu scanner 2





As I said in the beginning, this is one of my favorite pieces of office equipment.  It’s a solid devise from a reputable manufacturer.  You won’t regret having this little gem at your disposal. 

Oh and if you’re wondering how I earned money with this scanner.   I created digital filing systems for some of my clients from their physical files.  I made the documents searchable with the OCR software and organized them just like their physical files where.  Saving them space in their office and time in finding the files when they needed them. 











2 Comments on “Fujitsu Scansnap Document Scanner Review

  1. Hi
    Very useful information we are using it in our office. let me know if you can suggest some thing smaller for home use.
    I am in process of making one of mine please comment for me your suggestions.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you, glad I could be of help.
      I’ll be reviewing more scanners here soon so keep watching. 🙂
      When I’m out and about and away from my beloved Fujitsu Scansnap, I use an app on my phone called CamScanner.
      It’s so handy. You open the app and take a picture of whatever you need scanned. This app does a great job for mobile use but personally I like to keep scanned documents on an external drive at my home office. So I download them and store them away when I get home. Just feels more secure to me.

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