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Wealthy Affiliate is the online community for Affiliate Marketers.  It’s full of training, tools, and a bunch of supportive like-minded people.




So what is affiliate marketing? Here’s my definition of it.


Practically every company that sells things has an affiliate program.   When you join that affiliate program they provide you a link to promote their products or services.  You then place that link in places online (typically your own website) and market it to attract potential customers.  When someone clicks on your link it leads them to that company. Then when they make a purchase from that company, you get a commission on the sale.


Some affiliate programs will pay a commission for simply providing a lead.  For example, someone signs up for their email list or fills out a survey.


It sounds affiliate-marketing-imagepretty straight forward right?  But how do you find and join these programs? And how do you market the links?  There are so many answers to these questions.  I couldn’t begin to explain it all or teach you how.  But I know who can.


Yes, there are several websites and programs devoted to this subject.  So why did I say “the online community for affiliate marketers”? Because it is a one of a kind all-inclusive place for affiliate marketers.  It’s a training program, a community, a whole set of tools, and more.  When you join, you won’t need to look anywhere else for training or support.


But is it really everything you’ll ever need?  You’ll have to decide that for yourself.  In this review I’ll explain why I believe it’s an absolute must if you want to succeed in the field of affiliate marketing.


The Training


The training is what lead me to Wealthy Affiliate in the first place.  It’s almost overwhelming what they have to offer.


The Classrooms


There are at least 12 training classrooms.  Each classroom is chock full of tutorials, videos, and courses all wrapped around one basic area of marketing.

For example; Keyword, Niche, and Market Research is one classroom which contains over 40 tutorials, 20 videos, 4 courses, and a huge question & answer section. All of which are about research.


The Certification Program & Affiliate Bootcamp


These are sets of lessons and tasks that start you from the very beginning and teach you about all the aspects you need to know in order to build an online affiliate business.  Each lesson has tasks to complete and a dedicated discussion for that particular lesson.


This would be my suggestion to get you going.  The beauty of it is that you are building as you learn rather than reading about something then being left to put it into action on your own.


The discussions are tremendously helpful.  If you struggle with a particular concept, check the discussion and see if someone has answered your question already.  If not, post your question there and I guarantee you will get a response.



The main difference I see between the Certification Program and the Affiliate Bootcamp is that you choose your niche for the Certification Program and the Affiliate Bootcamp is geared towards promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  You still choose your niche but one that relates at least somewhat to affiliate marketing.


While we’re talking about their affiliate program, take the time to look at it.  It’s probably the best paying program you’ll ever find.   Not to mention the fact that they teach you how to do it.




Website Building Tools

Wealthy Affiliate has its own robust website building and hosting plan called SiteRubix.  You’ll build your site using the widely used website platform, WordPress.  There is an excellent website security package and site backup included.

WordPress has literally thousands of plugins and themes available to enhance and change the look and functionality of your website. No two websites ever need look alike.  It’s not like a cookie cutter website template that everyone uses that all look basically the same. If you know anything about SEO (search engine optimization) you know that it’s important to be unique.

The free membership comes with two websites hosted on their system and not for a limited time either.  They’re yours as long as you like.  Even if you don’t upgrade to a premium (paid) membership.


Keyword Tool

A keyword is the word or words someone types into a search engine to find what they are looking for.  A keyword tool will use your topic to find the most common keywords used to find it.  The keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate will give you plenty of detail about each one.  This is how you discover what information to share on your website to attract the people who are looking for your topic.


The Community


The training and the tools are excellent features but it’s the community that sets them so far above anything else.


This is what I consider to be the best feature of Wealthy Affiliate.  There is a live chat available 24/7/365 (which is available for the first 7 days of the free membership).  You’ll have your own blog page to share your story and experiences.  And an extremely active forum.


You’ll find a helpful thread on anything Affiliate Marketing related.   Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate means you are part of the most supportive community I have ever experienced.  I have never, not once, seen a snarky remark or unnecessarily harsh criticism there.



Everyone is SO helpful and SO supportive of each other.  I’m usually not very comfortable putting myself out there online.  I’m fairly quiet on social media and more of a lurker in forums, except for this one.  I’m comfortable asking questions and offering assistance.  We love to cheer each other on through are successes and help each other out with learning and questions.


The owners Kyle and Carson are very active in this community.  It’s not at all uncommon to hear from one of them in the forum.  Offering help and encouragement whenever possible.


There are thousands of members here.  You’re peers range from newbie’s to millionaires (yes, I said millionaires).  People don’t leave this community once they are successful.  They stick around and help others along the way and continue to learn.  To be successful is to know that there is always more to learn and ways to improve.  A career in affiliate marketing is not a destination.  It’s a journey.   There is always something new to learn in the ever-changing internet world. And once you join this community you’ll never have to look beyond it to keep your skills up to date.

Pros & Cons

green checkmarkPros


The benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate include training, tools, support, and an active online community of like-minded people.


Affiliate Marketing can be a very lucrative career.  If you’re going into this field, joining Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to align yourself with those that can help you succeed.


Red XCons


You will have to work at it.


You won’t be rolling in the dough the minute you put up your first link. People won’t flock to your site automatically as soon as it’s launched. But with consistency and perseverance you can make a full time living. And it may happen quicker than you think.


There is a wide spread and huge misconception online and offline about Affiliate Marketing.  A lot of people will tell you it’s a scam, that there’s too much competition, or that the market is too saturated to actually make a living at it.  I’m here to tell you that none of that is true.  Affiliate Marketing is a very viable career choice and there are ample opportunities for you to succeed.




Wealthy Affiliate offers two types of memberships.  A free one and a paid one.


The free one is not a trial offer.  You’ll never be forced to become a premium member.  They won’t take down your two free websites just because you don’t upgrade.


But obviously there are more benefits if you choose to upgrade to a premium (paid) membership.

Check out this chart of what’s available to you with each membership option.


To Summarize


Wealthy Affiliate is the place for Affiliate Marketers.  If you want to succeed in this field, you want to join Wealthy Affiliate.


There are state of the art tools and training at your disposal and the community is extremely active and supportive.


With the option of a free membership that comes with two free websites it’s a great place to get started even if you have a $0 budget.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself here.

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate that I haven’t covered or you’d like to share your experience with Wealthy Affiliate after you join, please share with us in the comments below.


To Your Continued Success,










10 Comments on “Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Your review is very insightful and on point on what Wealthy Affiliate promotes. I think anyone coming in to read this post will have no negativity in choosing wealthy Affiliate, because you are clear and precise.

    1. Larry,

      Thank you. I wanted to give readers a peak in the window to Wealthy Affiliate. There really is no risk involved since one can join for free.


  2. I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best online “teacher” out there if you want to make money online! What a great community it has as well to help you reach your goals! I love it there and am a Premium member! 🙂

    1. Thanks Grace,
      It’s just the best place to learn this business isn’t it. I’m a premium member too. It’s so worth the investment in yourself.
      All the best to you,

  3. Hey, Barb

    Great work on your Wealthy Affiliate review. I am pretty sure that it will catch the eye of some people interested in succeeding. You have made it clear that this community is one of the best someone can possibly fine.
    Really interactive and enhanced writing. Keep up that good work and you will be rewarded.

    Good luck and keep on writing greatly!

    1. That’s so kind of you to say John, thank you.
      I’m so happy to be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. It’s a vital key to success in this industry.
      Wishing you the best

  4. Hi Barb, I love your approach on your review, it was very informative and clear to read.
    I love the idea that it has a Free membership and you are not forced into upgrading to Premium, but if I chose to do so of my own accord, how much would it me.
    Thanks and all the best.


    1. Hi Jo,
      You’re absolutely right, you can keep the free membership as long as you like. If you choose to upgrade within the first 7 days, you’ll get the first month for just $19, then it’ll be $49 monthly after that, or you can opt for a yearly membership which is $359 which works out to less than $30 a month.
      Best Wishes,

  5. Hi Barb,

    Great job on your review! I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get started for anyone who wants to achieve online success, it has so much to offer! I’m a premium member and I can say that I made the right decision by joining =)

    Have a great day,

    1. Hi Miren,

      Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to stop by. Wealthy Affiliate really does have so much to offer. One of my favorite things is all the supportive members, like you. 🙂
      There you go folks, Miren is a perfect example of how wonderful this community is!

      Best Wishes,

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