So what exactly is Virtual Office Space?

Virtual office space can offer the perfect solution to working from home and having a professional presence in the business world.  So what exactly is virtual office space?  And what are the benefits?

Let’s take a look at some of the different terms floating around out there and what they mean.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a collection of online tools and software that allow someone to conduct business at any location and still have some of the advantages that come with a dedicated physical location.  Things like cloud storage, online versions of software, and video calling allow users from all over the world to work together practically the same as if they were in the same building.

Cloud storage allows you to save files, documents, pictures, etc. on a server that you can login to from anywhere with an internet connection.

My favorite cloud storage solution is Google Drive.  If you have a Gmail account, you already have it available to you for free.  They do offer a paid version that gives you more storage and other services (more on that later).

Online software is also available to you from anywhere.  Some of the major players in business software are definitely on this band wagon.  Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Intuit’s QuickBooks all have online versions available.  Each of these companies offer subscriptions, so you will always have the most current version at your disposal.   That feature is nice.  Don’t you just hate when you shell out your hard earned money for software only to find out there is a new version available by the time you get used to using it?  I know I do.

You’ve probably heard of Skype, but today there are lots of video call or video conference apps and services available now.  You can meet with clients “virtually” anytime anywhere.

Virtual Office Space

Virtual Office Space offers a physical address and some of the advantages that go with that to a business that operates mainly online.

You can have a mailing address practically anywhere you want it.  You can rent PO boxes or Suites for your physical mail and to list as your business address.  When you work from home this is a great alternative if you don’t want to put your personal address out there for anyone and everyone.  Some people will not respect your personal time and space.  This allows you to keep your business and personal mail separate.  Some services will even (at your request) open your mail, scan it, and upload it to cloud storage and then shred the actual paper copy for you.

Think about this.  If you were to look at two different businesses that offer the exact same service in the exact same area for the exact same price, but only one of them lists a physical address on their website, which would you choose?

An answering service gives you separation between your personal phone number and your business.  You could get just a separate number that forwards to your phone or one that provides a receptionist to answer your calls and take messages.

Executive Suite

Executive suites are physical offices or conference rooms available for use.  You can rent space for long term use or on an as needed basis.  This can come in handy if you need somewhere to setup your office other than home or if you need somewhere to meet your clients besides the local coffee shop.  There is a level of trust and professionalism that people associate with having a dedicated physical location.  These can come with onsite amenities, like office equipment, a receptionist, a waiting room, etc.

No doubt that working from home can drastically reduce your overhead.    And a virtual office space may be just the ticket to move your business to the next level without taking on a lot of extra expenses.

Hopefully you found this helpful and maybe I even showed you some options that you didn’t know were available.  So do you use any of these virtual office tools or services? Or maybe know of some that I didn’t mention?  I’d love to hear about it.  Please share in the comments below.

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