About Me

Barb Kessler

Hello there and welcome!  My name is Barb and I have been working from my home office for several years now.

When I started out, I was a single mom on a shoe-string budget and my initial home office set up was pretty simplistic. I had a small desk in a corner of my bedroom, a computer, and one of those plastic filing crates to keep papers in. Little by little I added to it. I found an adding machine at a yard sale, was given a used printer, and collected some office supplies here and there.   Before too long, I had a decent setup and my bookkeeping business was picking up steam.

I continued collecting things for my office from colorful paperclips, to organizers, and so on. Eventually I ended up with more supplies and equipment than I knew what to do with. Full disclosure here, I have a bit of an obsession with office stuff. The local office supply store was one of my favorite hang outs. It was time to clear out the clutter which wasn’t such an easy task because I loved all of my stuff! But the surplus had become more of a hindrance then a help.

This obsession of mine didn’t end with hardware. I had also collected quite a bit of software, most of which I didn’t really need. Although I find it fun to learn my way around a new program, my hard drive was becoming just as cluttered as my office was.

Here my friend, in lies my reason for creating this site. All of this chaos made it difficult to stay efficient in my work.   So my goal here is to help you set up and run your home office and business well from the start (or at least from the point you’re at now).

We’ll be discussing what you really need and what is cool to have as well as different types of work you can do from home.  There are so many possibilities.  And we’ll explore different fields as we go along.  For example;


Set up a bookkeeping business, get clients, and how to do the books.  I have a much more detailed explanation of a bookkeeping business here.

Online Sales

What to sell, where to sell it, and how to list it for sale. Ebay, Amazon, & Etsy are a few of the many places you can sell things online.   Or you could setup your own online storefront.


Market your own business and marketing for others.  Online and/or offline marketing can be a very lucrative business.  Affiliate Marketing is when you promote products or services for a commission on the sale.   There is a lot to learn in this ever-changing industry and it can seem overwhelming at times.  There is one place to learn everything and anything about Affiliate Marketing, best of all you can learn for free.  It’s an online community called Wealthy Affiliate.  I have a detailed review about it here.

When you join, come find me, and I’ll follow you right away.  If I can help you in any way just leave me a message here.









I hope to help you create a workspace that is efficient and comfortable for you and help you establish some routines and skills to continually grow your business.

Thank you for dropping by!